Violence against women is caused by poverty — Norsemen

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By Providence Emmanuel

THE Lagos State Chapter of De Norsemen Kclub Inc., a non governmental organisation committed to fighting injustice against humanity has attributed poverty as the root cause of violence against women. Also, the Kclub embarked on street campaign as part of its International Day celebration titled: “Say No To Violence Against Women.”

Coordinator, Lagos State Chapter, De Norsemen Kclub Nigeria, Mr. Jubril Babatunde, said the increase in violence against women is as a result of economic situation in the country, saying “a lot of men needs to be talked to because most of them losT their jobs. Women too needs to understand the challenges their husbands are facing. We need to orientate the men that despite the economic situation, these women holds the home together and as long as you keep battering them you are going to have a bad feedback on your children. Women needs love from us and not battering, that is why we are taking it up as an organisation.

“We organise seminars and workshops to educate the young ones. We have a system in place to check that our members are not involved in women battering, this is because you cannot preach a thing and go against it. We have internal ways of checking members. Lagos State chapter is striving to showcase women by using this medium to advocate for the women folk.”

On the NGO bill proposed by the federal government, Babatunde said the bill has its advantages and disadvantages,“but we need a holistic view where everybody would come together and contribute because it was brought about by government and a handpicked few who are doing the bidding of the government. We still need to sit down and look at it. I believe it is work in progress, you cannot get it right at the first instance, we still need time to get it right.”

Board of Trustee member, Dr. Sola Giwa, stated: “Violence against women is something that we have seen which has not been checked by the government except of late. We are coming together to support Lagos state government department towards the fight against violence.

“Violence has to do with poverty in the land and we need enlightenment too. We need to improve on that poverty level of the country and reduce the lower class mentality, everybody should be able to leave a comfortable life. Poverty is one big reason we have violence in the land against women.”

A member, Mr. Ifewekwu Wilfred, said: “Violence against women I think should be themed domestic violence, not just women but putting both genders as one because if we are looking at the women, we should also look at the men, in marriage, you must synergise the two to work as one.

“When one is distorted you will always have unhealthy feeling and it goes a long way in affecting the children; their education and destabilizes the progress of the home which would trickle down to the society.

“Violence in the home should be taken seriously in Nigeria as a fundamental reason for growth in the society. The country cannot move forward when people are allowed to go away with wrong doings whilst they are found wanting.

Meanwhile, De Norsemen Kclub Nigeria, strictly for men, was established in Nigeria in1993 with headquarters in Port Harcourt and has since grown from 10 members to three million members with about 185 members in Lagos.

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