Residents desert Rivers communities over dilapidated road

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By Uzoma Amarachi

PORT HARCOURT- RESIDENTS  of Ozuguruo and Mkparata communities, Ikwerengwo, Etche Local Government Area, Rivers State, have vacated their houses and shops due to the unacceptable condition of their access road.

The autonomous ruler, Hon. Eze Felix Onyeche, Isi Agwu of Igbo-Asa, who spoke to NDV, said that during the last election, the present government promised to work on the road, but till now, it has done nothing.

He lamented that bad road was hampering development in the community, while government revenue collectors were embarrassing interested land buyers and investors in the area.

Speaking on the matter, community leader, Elder Emmanuel Nwaeke, said that an oil community with three oil wells, Ozuguruo should at least have roads, regretting that government used the returns of oil produced from the community to develop other places, while their community lies in waste.

In three months, tenants quit 30 houses and 40 shops

Nwaeke, who complained that the people have nobody to speak for them in government, said: “Many of our tenants have moved out of our houses and shops. In fact, 30 houses and more than 40 shops were vacated in three months. Many people who intend to build hospitals in the community have all fled because of the bad road.

“A young man just moved out today, but in other communities, it is not so, people even fight to get a batcher house, the worst part is that we pay our taxes, but the money is used to develop other areas, the whole of Oyigbo, Mkparata and Ozuguruo have been neglected.

“Since 2013, this road has been like this, but this year’s condition seems to be the worst, as the road is no longer motorable. People have to pass through the bush as if they are thieves to get to their destination, now even car owners cannot use their cars because the cars are always at  the mechanic workshop, even when the cars are repaired, we cannot use them because of the road,” he grumbled.

Exorbitant cost of living

A resident of Mkparata, Mrs. Akudo Aluka, told NDV: “We cannot even go out to buy things from the market and because of this, the cost of living in this community is very high and things are very expensive.”

She added, “The road is affecting us financially and academically, as our children always get to school late, their school bus cannot come to pick them because of our road, transportation fare here is also very high, I plead that something should be done about this road.” 

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