Repudiate violence of the past, Deputy Governor urges Kaduna people

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Kaduna State Government on Monday urged people of the state to repudiate violence of the past and facilitate emergence of a law-governed society.

The government said at the opening of a retreat for members of the state Peace Commission that its focus was to make peace popular and acceptable to all.

The Deputy Governor of the state, Barnabas Bantex, said at the retreat that the administration hoped to see a state where the rights of all citizens were respected.

“Where personal responsibility is valued and where every community does its bit to uphold peace and harmony,’’ he added.

The deputy governor urged the people to shun those still magnifying every difference and turning it into a source of conflict.

He stressed that the commission was established to set new foundations for sustainable peace in the state.

On his part, the Chairman of the commission, Bishop Idowu Feron, said the retreat was to create bond among members in the task of finding solutions that would reduce tension in the state.

Feron said their overall target was “to see that people who live in Kaduna state become agents of peace, respecting the culture of one another.

“We will work for the interest everyone that lives in the state, which is what this present government has been trying to do; it is our job to help make the state crisis-free.’’

According to him, the commission would open channels of communications to encourage participation of all in the peace process.

The chairman urged members of the commission to lead by example, set high standard of performance and be the reference point for others.

A representative of Civil Society Organizations, Mr Festus Okoye commended the setting up of the commission and advised it to engage the youths at early age to appreciate the importance of respecting diversity.

On his part, Dr Ozonnia  Ojeilo, Regional Cluster Director, Governance and Peace Building, Africa, who also represented the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) said government must invest in building  peace infrastructure to overcome quarrels and recover the state from conflicts.

He said it was important to begin early warning intelligence gathering, using civic actors and community leaders.


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