APC says Anambra too significant to lose, Obiano jittery

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By Omeiza Ajayi

ABUJA: The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has said that it was not leaving anything to chance in its bid to win the November 18 gubernatorial election in Anambra state.

While the party dismissed speculations that it was planning to deploy security and other arsenals to clinch the contest at all costs, it said Anambra was however too important for it to lose.

•Nwoye: APC Candidate & •Obiano: APGA Candidate

“We believe strongly that the speculation of APC deploying soldiers to rig Anambra election is just a mere rumour because there is no evidence to that (effect) and if anybody tells you that the party is planning to deploy the Civil Defence, police, soldiers or whatever to do anything in Anambra, tell the person to provide the evidence”, said Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, the party’s spokesman.

Abdullahi spoke Thursday at a news conference held at the APC national Secretariat in Abuja.

He said the APC will not rig the election, saying such allegations were coming from the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano who he said is jittery.

“We are planning to win the election fair and square and if you are following the campaigns going on, you will know the impact that our candidate is making. The incumbent will naturally be jittery and when a candidate is jittery the first thing he will do is to turn around and accuse the ruling party of planning to rig or whatever.

“We are not going to rig the election. We have won elections since we came to power as a national party and as a ruling party. We have equally lost elections. We lost the election in Osun and if we have soldiers and police and whatever to mobilize why did we not do it. We have lost a couple of House of Representatives elections and a couple of Senate elections.

“So, the speculation that we are planning to rig the election does not hold water. Unless they have credible evidence that this is what we are planning to do, but to make this kind of allegation is not what we should dwell on too much”, he stated.

All APC Stakeholders are behind Nwoye

“Whenever we go into primaries as in the case of Anambra where we had 12 aspirants, there will be one level of acrimony or the other no matter the effort you make. But what we did was to get everybody to rally round the candidate. Yes, there will be residual issues but I can tell you that all of us are working together and have all lined up behind our candidate, Dr Tony Nwoye to ensure that we win the election in Anambra. The issue of people not working together does not arise including the Minister of Labour, Dr Chris Ngige who is the leader of the party in the state.

“All of us are working together and we have the National Campaign Chairman in the person of Bauchi state governor. Up till yesterday, we were still meeting to strategize and of course you know that the President will be part of the grand finale of the campaign.

“So, all of us are working to ensure victory because Anambra is very important to the party and we understand the significance of the Anambra election. So, we are pulling everything together and everybody is working together to ensure success in Anambra”, he said.

The APC also hailed the national assembly for promising to ensure the quick passage of the 2018 budget.

“We are very delighted that the budget was presented and as we can see there is a renewed commitment to invest in economically productive sectors in the country. I have read a couple of analyses on the budget and noticed that yes, there are different options but we as a party are happy with the budget presented and the promises by the National Assembly to give the budget speedy assessment.

“We are very happy also that they have promised a speedy review of the budget and the passage as soon as possible. What excites us most was that the kind of rancour and acrimony that attended the previous budget given the relationship between the legislature and the executive is not going to happen again. The relationship has been mended.

“We are now confident as a party that the two arms of government will work smoothly and closely going forward. We are happy that we are going to start the next year in a more harmonious and coordinated manner”.

On allegations that APC was planning to clamp no fewer than 50 leaders of the opposition-Peoples Democratic Party PDP in jail, Abdullahi said the PDP was only trying to pre-empt the outcome of investigations.

He said; “I do not know who is raising these allegations; you should ask the person to show you a list of the people – you see, it is a time-worn strategy, you pre-empt.

“A couple of former governors are being invited by the EFCC for questioning on their financial transactions. One way to pre-empt all that is to say that there is a list, a way to muscle the opposition.

“We are a political party, we don’t arrest people, so if anybody has issues with people who have the power of arresting or investigation, they should go and deal with it. They shouldn’t politicise it. We here, our business is that of winning elections. We are a political party and winning souls to the party. We don’t arrest people”.


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