2019: Group calls on Awosika to run for senate

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The Reality and Truth Initiative Group (RATI), has called on Dr. Dere Awosika (nee) Okotie- Eboh to contest for the Delta South senatorial seat in the 2019 general elections, noting that her wealth of experience is needed to move the senatorial district forward.

RATI, in a statement signed by its chairman, Evangelist Gab Menne, stated that: “We believe you will do a better job up there because you have shown your skills in high offices at the federal level.

Dere Awosika

Your pedigree rings bell and we believe you will not play a politics of self-interest, but that of the people, which your family is known for. Some persons who now see the Senate as their next playground have taken the upper chamber to be a guest house. They held the highest seat in Delta but could not perform; Some others are taking it for a house of jokers or drama.

The present occupant of that seat has done well but we advise him to move to higher ground for others to build on the foundation he has laid. As we are not apostles of zoning, we believe the best should always represent us. Politics is not a play ground and because someone has some cash in bank does not make them brilliant politicians. What we need now are serious leaders.

”The world is moving fast and the time for dead wood politicians is fading out as the people are wiser today. Our people needs help; they are crying so loud even the deaf can hear them. The time for jokes is over and we need to open a new page fast because our state is becoming a casino.“

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