Yung6ix: Rapper not threatened by Olamide, Phyno

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This 27-year-old has big plans and we are hoping they pan out for him and for the sake of those he intends to take with him. Yung6ix has revealed that he is far from threatened by his musical counterparts especially those within his own genre.During a chat with Sunday Scoop, the rapper also revealed the reason why he named his label Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire Music. ALSO READ: 'Someone just tried to shoot me' Yung6ix discloses Yung6ix said, “My ambition is to become a billionaire and I am consciously working towards that. That is why I titled my last EP, Billionaire Ambitions. "I have my eyes set on being a music mogul so that I can empower other young artistes out there. Even now, I try to do that as I regularly give out cash on my social media platforms because I love helping people.”Insisting that he does not feel threatened by other top rappers in the music industry such as Phyno and Olamide, he said, “I have a very good relationship with Olamide and Phyno and I don’t feel threatened by any of them. I believe that the sky is wide enough for every bird to fly and I am thankful that I have my own market and fans who love me.  "My music is being recognized globally and my unique Nigerian style of music has made me one of the biggest hip hop brands in the industry today. Even though there is a bit of western influence in my songs but it’s also obvious that I’m a Nigerian and I always stay true to my roots.”ALSO READ: Yung6ix gifts N3Million to man who helped his careerThrowing some light on his style of music and how he produces it, Yung6ix said, “I make music mentally. I don’t write songs as I find that to be stressful. I prefer to freestyle and from that, I get to develop the song and make it better after some takes. True music comes from the soul and I try to stay as pure as possible.”The 27-year-old has big plans and we are hoping they pan out for him and for the sake of those he intends to take along with him on his journey to the top.

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