Would you remain in a sexless marriage?

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The Christmas season marks the end of another year, while New Year marks the beginning of a new one. Both are times when couples take stock of relationships and make some tough decisions. Like whether or not to remain in a sexless marriage: one where the couples rarely have sex.

Society says it’s women saying no to sex, but in reality, it’s just as likely to be the man turning to face the wall. So, would you remain in a sexless relationship? As usual, we bring you the responses of some female celebrities.


No! I’m going to walk away

– Ify Adibeli, Actress

No way! There’s no way I’m going to pretend that all is well and stay in a sexless marriage. If there is no sex, then it doesn’t make any sense. It’s as good as me walking away because if I stay back in the marriage, then there’s no doubt that I’m going to cheat on my husband and that’s one thing I wouldn’t want to do when I get married. So, I’m going to walk away.

Even God will not support it

– Salma Aminu, Actress

A capital NO, I can stay in a sexless relationship (dating) but not marriage, even God will not support that. God said go into the world and multiply. How do you want to do that without sex? Besides, one thing that gives you the intimacy you want in marriage is sex, that’s why a couple can fight each other and most times settle in bed at night. I can stay in a marriage without money but not without sex (oh just kill me already) .

I can’t deal with marriage without sex

– Feyisara Hassan, Actress

Feyisara Hassan

No, I can’t. Love making is part of love. The love will not grow if you don’t have sex with your partner. I can’t deal with marriage or relationship without sex.

I can happily stay forever without sex, but … – Angel Christopher, Actress

I can happily stay forever without sex because I am not really a sex freak, but when it comes to marriage I think it has to be based on the agreement between you and your partner. It’s all about mutual understanding and it depends on the situation on ground. If it’s a situation where my husband has a medical issue, then I will have no choice than to abstain and help him deal with the problem, but if he is medically OK and fit, then I don’t see any reason why I should be with him without sex because naturally we need sex to make babies. If he is medically OK and fit, he is my husband and I have the right to be satisfied sexually by him. But if he decides not to have sex for no reason, I am fully ready to give him space too because sex doesn’t matter much to me. I can go for years or even forever without sex and it won’t shake me .

I would get out of the marriage

– Adokiye, Singer

Why should I be married and not have sex? Even pastors know that sex is a blessing in marriage and they try their best to keep it going. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that when in a praying mood, you are supposed to abstain from sex and what not, but not when my husband makes it a norm to be denying me of my entitlement ‘SEX’. Sex is the fuel for a lasting marriage. So if my husband would be denying me of it, it means he has a problem. I am now being forced to suffer for the problem due to his lies and betrayal, for not informing me of the problem before we got married, which means we are not meant to be. I would get out of the marriage.

Yes, I will do so happily – Mary Augustine, Actress

Yes, I will stay in a sexless marriage with full happiness. I will do that with all pleasure.

I’ve been in a sexless relationship before

– Matilda Lambert, Actress

Would I remain in a sexless marriage? That’s a huge one. Sexless relationship? Sure… Because I have been in one before.

Never, It’s a capital NO!

– Bukky Fagbuyi, Actress

No, Never! No marriage is perfect, but in any good marriage love making is one very important key and one of the most important aspect of lovemaking is sex… For me it is a capital NO

Impossible! I can’t – Boma, Actress

Staying in a sexless relationship would mean me staying without a child. Impossible!

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