Why we chose Nwoye

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By Okey Ejidike

SO much has been said of the governorship primaries in our party, All Progressives Congress, APC in Anambra State. Much of the commentary in the media space and online media have come from people who are not directly affected by the developments in our state.

Many of the commentators are either non-indigenes of the state or non-residents of the state. In some cases, we have also had indigenes of the state based abroad commenting on the sorry state of leadership in our dear state.

In all cases, it would have been easy to forgive their lack of knowledge and allow them to progress in their ignorance, but for the fact that the collective patrimony of our state is at stake we will not allow them.

Dr. Tony Nwoye, APC guber aspirant in Anambra

For those of us who live and apply our business in the state who are direct stakeholders, we will not allow those who make money from writing or projecting the political aspirations of their patrons to erode our collective interests in Anambra.

Our state has suffered severely in the hands of men and women who enrich themselves at our expense that this year, our people seem determined to put them out of business.

It is in this light that I want to frontally address insinuations that have supposedly come from the camp of one of the losers in the Anambra State All Progressives Congress, APC governorship primaries.

We have read one Ifeka Egbunike who has been in the media this past week saying that our party’s candidate, Dr. Tony Nwoye should be removed as the candidate and replaced by Senator Andy Uba. According to Ebgunike’s theory, Uba is more experienced to win the election for our party.

It is very doubtful that Senator Uba would have sent Mr. Ebgunike on his errand given the fact that Uba before the primaries promised to work for the candidate that emerged at the party primaries. Though I was not there, I also heard he said after the results were announced that he would collapse his formidable campaign machine into that of Dr. Nwoye.

So it is doubtful that Senator Uba sent Mr. Egbunike.

But I would like to present Mr.. Egbunike with the outcome of the vote by the delegates who were mainly executive officers of the party across the wards in the state. At the end of the voting, Dr. Nwoye scored 2,145 votes out of the 4,333 votes cast in the primary election. His nearest challenger was Senator Uba who scored 931 votes followed by our respected National Auditor, Chief George Moghalu who scored 525 votes.

The outcome of the result was very clear to all discerning and right thinking persons. Even more, the primary contest was supervised by one of our party’s most respected governors and the chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Kashim Shettima, governor of Borno State.

Many people were shocked by the results given the personality of Senator Uba, a former governor, former very powerful presidential aide and now, two term senator. What of the defeat of Chief Moghalu? But, is the reason for the defeat?not obvious?

Like the majority of delegates, I and many others had the interest of our party and our state at heart in endorsing Nwoye for the governorship. Of course, we were open to hear others, and many delegates were also approached by some of the aspirants with money, but we were moved by the sincerity, humility, and manifesto that Nwoye consistently presented to us during the campaign.

When Nwoye during his repeated visits said he would take up and complete the projects initiated by Dr. Chris Ngige and Peter Obi administrations but abandoned by the Willie Obiano administration should we not have given heed to him?

He has specifically mentioned that he would revive Premier Brewery, General Cotton Mill, TRACAS among other state owned enterprises that are today moribund and suffering neglect under the Willie Obiano administration.

I do not know what Egbunike means when he said that the APC would lose if it fields Dr. Nwoye as the candidate? I do not know where he is coming from especially since Uba has not claimed any relationship with him, I will not make a comparison between the political viability of the two men.

But let me address Ebgunike and tell him that Nwoye has won several elections to be national president of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, chairman, and governorship candidate of a major political party and elected twice to the House of Representatives.

I don’t know what he means then by political viability. What more viability does Nwoye need when he got 49 % of the votes, and the remaining 11 aspirants shared the balance during the primary election?

My thinking is that such opinions as canvassed by Egbunike are meant to keep the status quo and ensure that the liberation which Nwoye is bringing is aborted.

When Nwoye came around to solicit our votes, we assessed him and examined him and his past as a social activist, students leader, member of the House of Representatives, medical doctor, and businessman. We did not find him wanting.

Though I am not from his constituency, I am told that no member of the House of Representatives before him has performed as he has done in projecting democracy dividends to that constituency.

So if the people of Anambra East/West can reap from the good works of Dr. Nwoye, why should Ndi Anambra from other parts of the state not benefit?

Did Egbunike say that Nwoye cannot win? Let him ask Chief Willie Obiano. Obiano as incumbent governor did everything to ensure that the APGA candidate won the 2015 election to represent his constituency, Anambra East/West Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. He failed because Nwoye was a rival candidate. So if Nwoye as an ordinary candidate could stop Obiano an incumbent governor in Anambra East/West, where both men come from, so imagine what Nwoye would do to Obiano in other parts of the state.

We chose Dr. Nwoye because he can win and change the fortune of the state for the better.

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