Vector using rap, poetry, philosophy to re-define Africa

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After oil and maybe doctors, Nigeria is known for influencing the global art community with a unique literary prowess and feel good music.


Fela kuti,Wole Soyinka, a Noble Laurette winner, and Chinua Achebe were but a few names in the 70s and 80s that showcased to the world the depth of literary and musical talents that could rival anyone in the world. Just went we thought the golden years was beginning to fade away, CNN’s African voices aired an interview with a top Nigrian rapper, Vector, whose blend of poetry, philosophy and rap was beginning to redefine Nigeria’s image in the world.

Vector, described by the CNN report as an accidental spokesperson for his generation, has over the years used his music as a tool for societal transformation. He has, with his advocacy, reminded celebrities globally that their privileged positions do come with certain responsibilities, some of which is to the society that shaped them.

As a son of a retired police officer, Teslim Ogumefun, who recently passed on, he lent his voice quite vociferously to the alleged intimidation of innocent citizens by members of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS), even releasing a single ‘gun shots’ to that effect.

“Growing in the barracks gave me a sense of communal living where what bothers one person affects everybody” say vector as he explains why he is passionate about what goes on in the larger society.

The question, what makes Vector tick? is one with no easy answer. Strongly influenced by Socrates and with a background in philosophy, vector has been able to elevate rap music beyond rhythm and rhymes, to what can comfortably be described as a poetic or philosophical elixir.

Every time he raps, he engages his listeners in an intellectual judo, one that moves them past nodding their heads to the beats to thinking critically.

Reviews from the CNN interview was littered with comments by young people globally who were in utter amazement of the quality of intellectualism and rhythm deliver by a Nigerian living in Nigeria.

“people from shit hole countries don’t look or even think like this” said one young American in the comment section. Alas, the world could see a different Nigeria, through the creative mind of a Nigerian rapper.

Socrates and Plato influenced the world with their philosophies, Shakespeare did the same with his poetry. It thus seems that vector, with his unique blend of poetry and philosophy, will be influencing the world sooner than later.

He promises that in his soon to be released album, TESLIM (in honor of his late father), he will be further extending the frontiers my making music that connects to the hearts and minds of his fans.

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