The PDP’s illiterates of Kano – Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

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Decades ago there was a column, PARALLAX SNAPS which you had to read to have a truly complete and fulfilled week; Dele Giwa who died of a parcel bomb was host of that column.

In a way, that is the inspiration for RIPPLES this morning. The dictionary says PARALLAX is “.. the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observe”; it is also ” … the difference between the view of an object as seen through the picture-taking lens of a camera and the view as seen through a separate viewfinder”.


Now, because there are simply far too many happenings for our chat, for such a restrictive slot as RIPPLES that I thought we should this week treat it as “Bits and Pieces”, that is why PARALLAX SNAPS came to mind.

We have SNAPS and snippets of and from the PDP national elective convention that presented Uche Secondus and what that may mean to the PDP and 2019 hopes it has, what it means to APC and its chances of retaining power or not, at the central level and in the states.

Another bit of the many pieces that need to be RIPPLED along is Senate President Bukola Saraki and his smart move, bringing the Senate public hearing on Drug Use and Abuse to Kano, my home state. Recently, a lawmaker stretched the test of his legislative immunity and claimed that three million bottles of syrup with codeine are consumed in Kano and Jigawa daily. Daily, he said. Not three hundred thousand, not weekly, not forthnightly or monthly. But DAILY!, he claimed.

The other bits and pieces are about Sarkin Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi and his undoubted courage in saying it as it is. He gave the lead paper, the keynote address to the two-day stakeholders session convened by Dr. Bukola Saraki, President of the Senate, Sarkin Kano’s very close friend and schoolmate at Kings College, Lagos in the 1970s.

Then we have the ruckus in APC, Kano taken to a new level. With local government elections coming up February 2018, the terrain is all agog with posters and radio blasts of aspirants, most seeking the state governor’s ears. LG elections are state governors’ affairs. Those they want to “win” get written into office, not minding who competed either in party primaries or the General Elections.

A couple of days ago, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) sat and approved billions of naira worth of projects including the Kano-Abuja expressway at N150 billion plus and the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano gas pipeline. That too is a momentous occasion and it qualifies for a whole day on RIPPLES. Especially as it gives more hope for General Buhari campaigners for 2019 and a window for propaganda that left untended, may overglorify what is on offer, ignoring what the zone has offered to get the Government in. Each of these are items we could and actually do hope to come back to for a more thorough perspectival discourse some other day on these pages.

On the PDP Convention...

We learnt that Kano delegates posed a problem at the convention because they were mostly illiterate. It should have been “All” delegates, not “Most” delegates, if the correct term were to have been used by Governor Okowa of PDP Delta who was reported to have stamped the “illiteracy” tag on PDP’s Kanawa (Kano people) at the Convention. He was one of those in charge of the convention.

After the delegates had returned home and Okowa had his say, there was an ignorant furore in the media that I picked off many of the social media platforms I patronise.

I laughed at the intensity with which my people were all outshouting each other to debunk the “illiteracy” tag for Kanawa and by extension Northerners, Muslim Northerners who have always had the “ajami” hausa in arabic script for the most part of one thousand years and some.

Yes, we are a very literate people. Yes, in 1983 we even won the UNESCO award for Literacy on account of the novel successful Adult and Mass Literacy program of PRP’s Kano Governor Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi.

Now, how come we sent “illiterates” to the PDP convention? Answer: Even though I am not PDP I can convincingly say, they weren’t illiterate. They had the ability to read and write and many of them are in fact very highly educated. From a knowledge of the terrain of manipulative politics that PDP and all the other PDP type parties we have today and how they do their thing my parallax vision suggests it was a deliberate plan to attain a predetermined object.

Insiders in PDP will tell you they feign “illiteracy” at elective conventions so that the godfathers will have a single monitor for batches of voters who’d chaperone them and have them thumbprint or tick the relevant choices agreed to by the boss. That is as far ad their illiteracy goes. This was the tack used in 2007 by the Kano team led by Kwankwaso at the national convention.

And the PDP convention which we planned to RIPPLE about today in full is a success as stated here last week. This is notwithstanding the set up of a newPDP faction Wednesday. The fact that stories are making he rounds that the PDP is headhunting for a sellable candidate confirms the success. All these and more will populate a more revealing look at he convention and the effect on the ruling party. Also a look at the candidates who want to fly the PDP flag and those who, if they fly it, might make a difference or not.

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