Sujimoto raises N1 billion from local investors for its Banana Island housing project

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By Destiny Eseaga

Sujimoto Construction, a Lagos-based real estate development company has just raised over one billion Naira from local investors for its ongoing mystery project in Banana Island, Lagos.

The fact that such a low-keyed project could raise such a substantial investment completely from local investors has lent credibility and confidence to the Nigerian real estate industry.

Inside sources claim that the project, which has been kept a secret by Sujimoto boss, Sijibomi Ogundele, is a development of extremely luxurious terrace houses in the heart of Africa’s most expensive neighbourhood. The name and full description of this ongoing project are still unknown.

However, a reliable source revealed that it will be an iconic project that surpasses the extravagant cliché of homes in Banana Island. A home with two massive master bedrooms, two luxury and contemporary kitchens – wet and dry, two standard maid’s rooms and a private elevator in each unit  which is first of its kind.

It is not surprising to find a home that encompasses these unique and groundbreaking standards and the wheels of execution is being steered by Sujimoto as they are known for such innovative feats.

As expected, concerns are rising from the populace on the ‘Price Tag’ on this property. People are pondering restlessly on how ridiculously expensive this project will be. For certain, most of the projects in Banana Island sell between 250 Million and 500 Million for a Terrace house, but with an extravagant project like this, one cannot fathom how exorbitant the selling price will be.

All effort to uncover the price of this project which promises more quality and sophistication has been futile. The deeper we search the farther we find ourselves from getting the real sales figure for this project or will they be the same price as other upcoming projects in Banana? I wonder. And come to think of it, in Nigeria of today, do people still yearn for sophisticated homes and extravagance splendour?

News reaching us reveals that some real estate moguls and construction expertise think this project is beyond the Nigerian taste and standard and even Banana Island does not count as a suitable location, perhaps in the state capital of Abuja, near the Aso- Rock Villa, it will be well appreciated by its target audience.

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