Snapchat's new 'limitless' snaps will change everything

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Snapchat just dropped another update, and it changes, well, almost everything.
The update adds new “limitless” snaps (for snapping without time constraints), looping videos, emoji doodling, and a new Photoshop-like “magic eraser” tool that removes objects from your photos.
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If that sounds like a lot to take in, that’s because it is. Taken together, the changes amount to one of Snapchat’s biggest updates so far.

The biggest change, of course is the addition of limitless snaps, which for the first time in Snapchat’s history allow you to send and view snaps without time limits. Now, when choosing how long you want a snap to last, the app will show “no limit” as one of the options. Read more…More about Tech, Snapchat, Apps And Software, Tech, and Apps Software

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