Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers want Angela to take her problems to God

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56% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say Angela should take her problems to God as He alone can set her free. Angela is a 38-year-old woman who has already buried two husbands in quick succession after they died in mysterious circumstances.After the death of her second husband, a friend took her to a man of God who told her she was married off to a very powerful marine spirit by her late grandmother.A native doctor also confirmed the spirit marriage but said to set her free from the sea god, there must be sacrifices to be made.Read her story here:"My name is Angela, a 38-year-old unfortunate woman. I see myself as unfortunate because I have had to live in pains and anguish following two marriages that ended in disaster.I got married when I was 24 to a young medical doctor from my town. The marriage was just six months old when my husband was involved in a ghastly motor accident while going for a medical conference in Abuja.Tim was the only one that died in the accident though others sustained different degrees of the accident. His death was so painful because I love Tim with all my heart and I did not see how I could face life without him.After mourning Tim for three years, I decided to try out another relationship. I met Steve through a friend and right from the first day we met, he made known his intention of wanting to marry me.Even after hearing how I lost my first husband, Steve was not deterred in his determination to marry me. He told me it was just unfortunate that Tim died and assured me he would help me overcome the pains of losing my husband.A year after we got married, Steve was struck by a strange ailment that defied all medical attention. Despite carrying out several tests, the doctors could not find anything wrong with him. His family decided to take him home to seek alternative medicine and that was when they were told he was attacked spiritually.The native doctor recommended some sacrifices to be carried out for Steve to be cured but before the sacrifices could be carried out, Steve gave up the ghost in my arms.I was devastated and almost ran mad. I kept asking God why he should allow me to go through the pains of losing another husband. The most painful thing was that we were yet to have a child to bear his name.After Steve died, my family and friends took me to many places to find out what the problem was. I was taken to churches, healing homes and herbalists with each of them saying I was under a bondage that needed a serious spiritual battle but they all failed.It was after my best friend took me to a man of God that the revelation came that I was married to a very powerful and jealous water god who was out to destroy any mortal that had sex with me or marry me.The prophet told me that it was my grandmother who initiated me in the marine world and got me married to the water god and that it would be a serious battle to nullify his powers.At first, I did not want to believe such an absurdity but when I reflected on the fact that there was this particular man that came to make love to me in my dreams every other night, I had to accept the fact.But it seems he is so powerful that even the man of God has not been able to stop him from tormenting me. The strange man keeps coming to make love to me in my dreams and whenever I wake up in the morning, I will see semen dripping out of my private parts.I am dying slowly as there seems to be no stopping the marine god. Is there anyone out there who can help me?Angela."What do you think Angela should do in the situation she has found herself?How Nigeria voted:Only a powerful man of God can help to deliver her – 39%She should go to a powerful native doctor for a sacrifice – 6%Angela should take all her troubles to God – 56%How would you vote here?

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