Pulse Album Review: You can’t believe in Sugarboy after listening to “Believe” album

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Based on this “Believe” album, it is extremely difficult to believe in Sugarboy. Album – BelieveArtiste – SugarboyRecord Label – G-Worldwide (2017)Duration- 78 minutesWithin Sugarboy, there’s enough talent to make him a pop star. But it is not being manifested at the level that he is made to believe.After spending many years in the music industry under the name of A1, he found a new lease of life under G-Worldwide, and has gone on to benefit from the attention on his colleague, Kiss Daniel. Piggy-backing on his shine by proxy, he has been able to score many eyes looking at his brand.But on the music front, he is yet to become consistent with the quality of his releases. His single ‘Hola hola’ was a club and dance hit, which provided a little upward movement for his brand. He has since failed to follow that up. Singles ‘Double’, ‘Dada Omo’, ‘Legalize’, and ‘Kilamity’ have not received the same love. But that has not stopped his ambition in the present, or tempered his sense of celebrity. Backed by the deep pockets of his record label, he comes through with an album, which appears a little bit too early.The project contains no external collaboration with other acts; a move that has worked well for Kiss Daniel, but shouldn’t have been repeated here. Dynamism was sacrificed for a company policy that requires him not to have guests on his records, hence Kiss Daniel appears twice on the 22-track album.So, the album almost sets itself up to fail in the mainstream market: shaky artist, lukewarm singles, a lengthy 22 tracks, no guests for dynamism, and no defined concept. It’s a poisonous cocktail, designed to work against the release.And it did work against the music on the project. Sugarboy comes off as flat. All he offers on “Believe” album is fluffy pop songwriting layered over his light vocals. Opener ‘Stunt Gidi’, is weak and without a gimmick, and it leads you into the most unimaginative set of singles. ‘Informa’ feels like yesterday’s Caribbean, leading the charge for a lot of singles about popping bottles, female adoration and more.When he dabbles into conscious music, he almost covers himself in some glory. ‘Tomorrow’ nearly stands out, but the lack of dynamism is shoots it in the foot.Kiss Daniel shows up in ‘Kilamity’ to add desperately needed dynamism to the record. But his talent becomes ordinary on ‘Ekene’. And as each track goes by, everything begins to lose their individuality, until it reaches a point where everything becomes a mindless drone. “Believe” album came too early for Sugarboy. If it achieves anything, it is the disbelief at how a project lacking in musical coherence and dynamism can pass through the label which provided “New Era” album just a year ago. When held up against that project, this falls flat on its face.Sugarboy has enough to talent to do better than this. He is an experienced industry man, with artistry that has been honed over the years. This is beneath him. This should never have been released.Based on this “Believe” album, it is extremely difficult to believe in Sugarboy.Rating: 4.5/5Ratings1-Dull2-Boring2.5-Average3-Worth Checking Out3.5-Hot4-Smoking Hot4.5-Amazing5-Perfection

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