Pistorius’ prosecutor takes-up case against Mrs Mugabe

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South African Oscar Pistorius’ prosecutor, Mr. Gerrie Nel, has offered legal services to Gabriella Engels, a 20-year-old model, allegedly assaulted by Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Mr. Nel has said he is concerned over the possibility of political interference in the prosecution of the case.

The former State advocate left the National Prosecuting Authority in January to join a civil rights organisation AfriForum.

Grace Mugabe

Mr. Nel said in Pretoria that Ms Engels’ family had been approached by a third party to accept a cash settlement and drop the case.

He, however, would not shed more light on the allegations.

“AfriForum is willing to fight this matter to the highest court,” he said.

Head of the Private Prosecuting Unit of the civil rights organisation AfriForum, Gerrie Nel looks on during a press conference concerning the alleged assault by Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe towards South African model Gabriella.

Debbie Engels, the alleged victim’s mother, welcomed the assistance saying she was glad the family was not left alone.

“At least now I can sleep a little bit more peaceful knowing that I have people in my corner that are going to help me fight for justice for my daughter. And I know these people are not going to back down. They’re going to fight for her all the way. I’m very, very grateful. Now I know that this woman is not going to get off scot-free,” she said.


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