Outdoor practitioners bemoan multiplicity of levies

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By Princewill Ekwujuru

Outdoor advertising practitioners in the country again, yesterday, expressed frustration over multiplicity of levies imposed by regulatory agencies, saying it was impacting negatively on their businesses.

The practitioners, operating under the aegis of Outdoor Advertising  Agencies of Nigeria, OAAN, also decried the inability of member companies to meet up with their official responsibilities as a result.

President of the association, Babatunde  Adedoyin, who spoke at a briefing, said the present economic situation was forcing clients to cut their advertising budget.

He said:  ‘’The economy for us is in total recession.  In a situation like this, there is no way it would not affect our industry.  As we speak, clients are cutting advertising budgets. ‘’

Adedoyin stated further that the regulators were looking for money at all cost from operators.

“Some of these agencies were only looking at the financial aspect, that is, how much revenue they can rake in for the government and majority of them help to start reeling out unfriendly rate that has been unfriendly to business.

‘’Of course in the last 10 years, we have been battling not only with Lagos state Signage and Advertising Agency, LASAA, but with all other federal and state agencies to let them reason and look at their rates, particularly on empty boards.

“We need a rate that is not only friendly to business, but also friendly to our clients, because this money is not our money, at the end all, everyone (agency) would be paying for it. If you charge for example a product very high on their billboard, they would spread it on their product and we are the final that eventually buy the product,” he said.

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