On FG’s declaration of hate speech as act of terrorism (2)

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The UN Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the General Assembly in 1948 declares that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Ms.  Joy Arinze,  Self-Employed.

Bad leadership creates hate and hate speech. This administration is full of hate and causes hate speech. Now they’re fabricating an illegal law against hate speech. In a democracy, only the legislature makes laws, not acting presidents.  Mr. Anthony Ibekwe, Businessman.

Hate speech

Trump has been ridi-culed through drawings and speeches, yet, he still kept on working and acting as if he did not see or hear anything; it doesn’t disturb his decisions. Our way of doing things is always different. So these speeches are actually eating them up? Then they should do what is right, and they will get praises instead.  Mr. Paschal Edogwo, Disc Jockey.

This is dictatorship.  Whatever happened to the nose must affect the eyes. Tit for Tat! This government should take things easy because they started the hate speech and now they are planning to arrest people, so they tagged hate speech an act of terrorism. I do not think it is a good idea. Mr. Ajunwa Vincent, Worker.

Before you talk about hate speech, talk about hate actions and attitude because that is what is bringing up hate speech. You cannot be doing something bad and expect people to talk good of you. What system of government are we really operating in Nigeria – democracy, dictatorship or anarchy?  Mr. Anthony Philip, Student.

What is the relationship between hate speech and the constitutional fundamental human right of freedom of speech and the freedom of information bill enshrined in the constitution of the country? Even as I am talking, I am just suggesting by exercising my right, not a directive.  Ms. Anne Kelechi, Fashion designer.

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