Moyo Lawal explains why her boobs are not of same size

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By Ayo Onikoyi

If there’s ever any Nollywood actress misunderstood as much as she’s loved, ravishing Moyo Lawal must take the crown. And her wild streak doesn’t help matters either. She’s carefree and loves to live life with her adrenaline  always on red alert.

Moyo Lawal

“Nothing wrong with a good girl having a naughty side,” she once said of herself, and one wouldn’t blame people so much when they get over their heads in making stuff out of some things she had said. The story of her suicide attempt is still very fresh, even though the Lagos-born emerald-eyed star debunked it all, saying she would never attempt to kill herself because she’s having a good life. Who can doubt that? Everything for her is on the up and up, with her career adrift on the launching pad to get her anywhere her minds can reach.

So it was nothing strange when a certain person named Candyberry waltzed into her Instagram handle to comment on her boobs-toting picture, observing that one of her boobs is bigger than the other. The actress took it in with her usual coolness and fixed her real good.

“ It’s a bit disturbing that a girl will look that closely…but moving on..Hun, my boobs are natural, one is bigger and higher than the other,” she replied the curious Candyberry.

However, on further probing Potpourri asked the actress if it is true that one of her boobs is bigger than  the other.

“ Yes, one is always bigger than the other. It is so for every woman who hasn’t gone under the knife. Only the artificial boobs can be of the same size,” she replied.

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