Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything anymore —Biola Ige

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Osun State-born Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, who is an Economics graduate of the University of Jos is a stunner that should be the dream of any man. But she’s still single, for reasons best known to her and when you ask she replies that “she’s not searching”.

When Potpourri sought her view on why there is an increasing number of unmarried mothers or Babymamas in the industry, the fair beauty reasoned that it is sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance.

Actress Biola Ige

“Majority of children born to lone mothers in the industry could not correctly be deemed “unplanned” rather, many were planned or actively sought. And the majority were somewhere in the middle between planned and unplanned. These women want a way of establishing lasting relationships, to have an extension of their beloved piece while some can be related to their financially and impoverished circumstances,” she said.

Then she expressed her disenchantment with the institution of marriage. “As we all know, marriage doesn’t guarantee anything anymore, because it’s not like it used to be with our parents, as infidelity, domestic violence, drug and alcohol problems is almost a universal problem among men,” she added.

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