IT professionals pick hole on registration, licensing of all IT contractors by NITDA

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…Say it will lead to registration of quacks and non professionals


The recent move to register and license  all IT contractors in Nigeria by the National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, has been frowned by the Nigerian Information Technology professionals.


This follows a recent policy statement by the Director of NITDA  Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami  to register and license all IT contractors in Nigeria.

The umbrella IT body in Nigeria, the Nigerian Computer Society, NCS, while frowning at the current posture of NITDA has insisted that  the Nigerian Computer Registration Council of Nigeria, CPN, has the mandate to register and license IT contractors in the country.

The CPN  Act 49 of 1993, according to the IT professionals  is saddled with the mandate to register, license, supervise and control the profession as stated in CPN Act section 1 (2).

CPN, NCS President explained  has the mandate to keep, publish, print the list of all registered professional and is available for inspection for members of the public at all reasonable time.

The move to begin to register and license IT contractors by NITDA, according to the NCS was  capable of confusing the general public to create an uncoordinated approach to policy issues and both Acts of Parliament as stated earlier.

NCS, according to the President,   Prof. G.A. Aderounmu was s of the belief that NITDA’s mandate is to ensure seamless cooperation and interaction towards the use of IT as a development tool for the country.

Aderounmu  noted that the  call for another registration and licensing of IT contractors by NITDA was  tantamount to double registration.

The move, according to the NCS President is  contrary to the Federal Government’s policy on ease of doing business, adding that   it may lead to the registration of quacks and non professionals.

“Failed and substandard PUBLIC IT projects cited by NITDA should have been reported to CPN for necessary action. IT contracts should only be awarded to CPN registered members; the list is available online and in accordance with Public Procurement Act 2007.

“Registering and licensing IT contractors is not within the mandate of NITDA which is to create framework, guidelines and policy to develop IT. When properly implemented, it will solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria which is the focus of the present administration” NCS President noted.

“We therefore advise NITDA in our advocacy capacity not to embark on registering and licensing of IT Contractors and service providers (Registered IT professionals) activities and instead concentrate on developmental issues which we believe can be jointly achieved collaboratively. CPN is the only agency with the mandate to register and license IT professionals and contractors in Nigeria”, the President of NCS said.

Meanwhile, the NCS has commended the approach and wisdom of the Presidential Executive Order 005 of  President Muhammadu Buhari, which emphasizes professionalism.  The Public Procurement Act 2007 with particular reference to section 19, NCS President said, if properly implemented would  promote best practices professionally.

Supporting the position of NCS, the Director of the Delta State Innovation hub, Chris Uwa without mincing words said that the  mandate and powers to register IT Professionals and Companies is vested in CPN by virtue of Act 49 of 1993.

For Olusola Teniola,  the President of the Association of Telecom Companies of Nigeria, ATCON,

“We still await to be provided full compliance details and how NITDA aims to achieve its aims and more importantly why this criteria hasn’t been enforced on past projects advertised in the Federal Tenders”

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