I hate being seen as sex object — Praise Sam Ogan

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Busty actress, Praise Sam Ogan, is a beautifully carved screen diva who cannot be intimidated by the antics of men who feel they can get any woman laid. Even as a physically endowed lady and a greenhorn in the make-belief craft, she has been able to find a way of evading sexual overtures from men.

Praise Sam Ogan

In a chat with Potpourri, she said men make undue passes at her, all because of the size of her boobs, butt and hips. According to her, getting up close and personal with her will reveal that she is better than being seen as a sex object alone.

“The thing is this: with my looks I expect sexual harassment in one way or the other, so to me, it’s normal. But it’s one of my serious prayer points, that people shouldn’t have that thought in their heads at first sight. They should talk to me,, get to know me, and find out that I’m actually better than being just a sex object. But so far, my style of making you stop imagining me naked in your head has been working; no one will abuse you except you give them room to”, she said

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