Great sex: does size really matter? (2)

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By Yetunde Arebi

Last week, I promised to give you a peep into my mail box to share with you some of the views of my readers on the subject of discourse. Feel free to send in your own contribution too, if you so please, to the above mail address. Do have a wonderful weekend!!

*Dear readers, please note that you can remain anonymous (your identity will not be published) like some of the contributors mentioned below if you so desire. Just share your views on the topic with us. Thanks.

Hi Yetunde,

I want to thank you for bringing up this topic. In as much as we try to avoid discussing sensitive matters like this, truth must be told.

I think that women should be the best judges on this and not men. Men who think the size of their organs do not matter should have a re-think. As a lady, I strongly believe that size matters in a relationship or marriage. This is because, how can a man that has a very small organ satisfy his wife or girlfriend.

We live in a country where people pretend and don’t tell the truth about themselves. Ask those men that have small organs and you will discover that they will really wish to have big organs. So men please take note.

My boyfriend has a big organ and we enjoy sex a lot. I can’t date a man with a small organnn!!!. I know it is not a basis for sexual pleasure, but I think it is a contributory factor to sexual fulfilment.

So, you men/guys with small organs that your girlfriends/wives are praising you by saying you are great in bed, please be warned, because women are pretentious. Your wife/girlfriend is really having fun somewhere else.

Name and mail address withheld.

Dear Yetunde,

My name is John and I am an Engineer and 34 years old.

Different folks with different experiences. This was an account I had with a girl long back. I was body building then so I really looked like an incredible hulk and I wooed this girl but she just did not want to budge.

I was handsome, loaded- pepe wise, yet, she rejected my request. It was after a long while that she told me that it was because of the size of my organ that made her to reject my offer. She felt the size of my organ would be in proportion to my body size.

I tried to convince her that it does not work like that, but she refused. Meanwhile, there could be chics out there looking for extra large guys to rock with. So, it works differently for different guys.

Secondly, let us ask ourselves one basic and important question. Why is the issue of size coming up everywhere now? Is it not because the women are not satisfied and the satisfaction we are talking of is getting to orgasm?

Then, the men should concentrate on how to make sure their women get to orgasm, then the issue of size will die off. If a man has a 1 or 2 inches size, I bet you his woman will not complain as long as she reaches her climax steadily.

Finally, I want to appeal to the women who are the SME’s (subject matter experts) in this issue to contribute by sending in their thoughts so that the men will have an insight into what they need. I believe it will go a long way to help a lot of men who have the challenge of size and satisfying their wives.

Regards John

Dear Yetunde,

The size does not matter. To me, this is a true story of a girl I have been dating for the past six years. Suddenly, we broke up for two years only to come back gain. Since then, I have been finding it difficult to please her sexually as she says I ejaculate too soon.

Every woman now needs a man that can please them sexually, that can satisfy them any time they want to. So, to me, I see it as a thing that if you can stay longer before ejaculation, then you can satisfy a woman sexually without her complaining.

Once a woman has been exposed to different partners, it affect them a lot because all men are not the same. The common problem we men face is early ejaculation and I really want Nigerians to be aware of this. Lots of homes are being broken due to unsatisfactory sex, especially on the part of the women.

I hope and pray that sex education will be a good thing to teach in schools. Sex is a powerful weapon to unite relationships. I will want you to see if there is anything that can be used to treat early ejaculation.

Name and mail address withheld.

Dear Yetunde,

The size of a man’s penis does not determine how one enjoys sex, but how you can arouse each other to satisfaction. I agree to the fact that a man can get easily tired or reach satisfaction before his female friend but still, it is not how big, small, long or short the penis is that determines that.

Man is always on the go when the woman has nothing in her mind yet and this is one the reasons rape is alleged even in a legally married situation.

For both parties to be complaint free, the man must play (romance) to the level of the lady (woman) asking for it, and the man taking the pain of avoiding premature ejaculation. Both parties will end well.

Those ladies who complain of not having sexual satisfaction are just making that up as an excuse for their greediness for material things or money. They are just not satisfied with the little things they have and this is one of the reasons why they end up having HIV, BROKEN HOMES, FRUSTRATION, Living a life of in and out, of more than three, four, five homes or friends.

Thank you for publishing this piece. Please do not publish my name and email Id.

Dear Yetunde,

You see, human wants are insatiable and most guys with average sized penis are not happy with what they have. In my case, I just wish I was average.

Growing up in Kaduna, I always had my pants on, and not until I got to secondary school that my mates became fascinated at my penis. At first, I was embarrassed, but they really glorified me with praises that I began to feel special.

At the Polytechnic, where I did ND, it was quiet, till I met a girl I really liked, but sex was far from it initially. But as the semester came to a close, we agreed to have sex. When she felt me, she told me I can never enter her and began to avoid me. It was painful and it remained so till I told my friend my problem.

When he saw my manhood, he went to town and words got out. I then came across some daring ladies I was able to have sex with, but they never wanted a relationship. I became a trial person, girls only wanted to test me, no one wanted to stay with me.

When I come across women I really love and want to have a relationship, my size was an issue and it has cost me more than adding anything to my person. I really wish I was a normal guy.

I am married to a very understanding lady today and sex is still not an everyday thing.

Name and mail address withheld.

Dear Yetunde,

Since the beginning of age, most men have been concerned about the size of their organ. The truth about the game of sex is that size does not matter. A man can enjoy his sex more if he concentrates on the spiritual aspects of sex, rather than the gross physical aspects of sex.

A man can train his erections to be hard and strong. A hard and strong penis rather than a big one is more important for the enjoyment of his partner and for him.


Many men have organs no better than Xmas trees, they are mere decorations. When the dick is hard and the dude can prolong ejaculation, the woman will have a better man to enjoy. More practice should be concentrated on how erections and good sex should be achieved.

Also, techniques of coming back in time and having an erection immediately after a male orgasm should be learnt. Men should concentrate on learning the erogenous zones on their partner’s bodies, than just thinking on how to bang with a big dick.

When the techniques of proper sex are learnt, like how to have harder erections, how to prolong ejaculation, how to come back strong after coming,  your woman will have a most wonderful man.


All the techniques I listed can be learnt. You need not look for sex enlargement pills with a lot of side effects. A small dick can work wonders with proper training. There are those who can give the training without qualms.

With training, you can achieve multiple orgasms with a small organ. Those who search shall find, help is available for those with small and weak dicks. A word is enough for the wise. Stop chasing huge organs. Chase goods sex

Augustine O.

Dear Yetunde,

My name is Amaechi, 35.

I think size matters. Women generally are better aroused by king sized men and even respond more during intimacy. A good size ensures a good and continuous transmission of sexual impulse throughout the vaginal nerves of the woman and tends to hit that sensitive floor of the vagina. No doubt, women scream in ecstasy when they meet large sized men.

Nevertheless, the antidote for smaller size is good sexual skill from both partners. Being good with hands could make a man bring the woman close to orgasm. In such conditions, the smallest penis would make the woman come.

Angular penetration of the penis is another magic. And of course, the emotional state of the woman regarding her man could affect her response and time of orgasm during sex.

Dear Yetunde,

Size doesn’t matter to most women. I think I know a little about the female anatomy enough to say that, the average depth of the vagina, is less than the average length of the male penis. So, how would having a penis larger than the woman’s space make a pleasurable difference? Not unless she wants it to be painful and that means she has other things in mind rather than the normal sex that most couples have.

That will be tending towards a kind of perversion. The size of your penis will hardly matter if you know what you are doing with it. Just because your boat is the Titanic, does not mean you know how to steer it. A man should not think he has got everything going his way just because a lady thinks he’s big.

Sometimes, a man may even drive a lady crazy because he’s too big and does not know how to control it. While you are thinking you have impressed her with your macho size, she is only thinking of getting it over with and bolting away for good. She is surely going to dump him for a smaller guy with more sense. Men with bigger sizes should never assume that is what every lady prefers.

Denis is a Banker.

Just yesterday, a male friend told me that the answer to this puzzle is very simple. guys with small organs should go for petite sized women and curvy, not fat women. Those with big organs should go for tall, slim woman and tall fat women.

He said slim women have depth while curvy and small women have width. He said to avoid complaints a man must choose right!! (Eyes rolling)


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