Germans more optimistic about future than EU partners

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Germans see the future of their country in a more positive light than many of their European neighbours, with Italians the least optimistic, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

The survey, drawn up by the Bertelsmann Foundation, found that 59 per cent of Germans consider their nation to be developing in the right direction.

The release of the survey also comes against the backdrop of the campaign for this month’s German election with opinion polls also pointing to little interest among the country’s voters in changing the conservative-led government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Based on a survey in July of 10,755 people across key EU nations, the Bertelsmann survey also found that 80 per cent of the German population identify with the middle ground of politics.

The foundation is linked to the Bertelsmann media group.

However, compared with the optimistic mood prevailing in Germany, a mere 13 per cent of Italians were hopeful about their nation’s prospects.

In Great Britain 31 per cent of the population were optimistic about the future despite the uncertainties created by the nation’s plans to exit the European Union.

In France, more than a third 36 per cent felt assured about their nation’s future.

The study’s authors also surveyed people in Spain and Poland.

In March the picture in Germany was very different with only about one in three Germans 32 per cent seeing developments in their country as positive.


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