Erotic Story/Minxie B: Lily & the old friend at the Wuse market

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It's nice meeting up with friends from back in the end especially at places where you don't expect, and then follow them home for drinks. The past week had been crazy, I still remember the day, it had to be one of my most awkward confrontation, James wife had somehow stalked me and found out where I live“Stay away from him” she had said looking like she had been drinking, her hair not the perfection it used to be“I don’t know what you did to him but it has to stop”, I saw how puffy her eyes had been“I will fucking end you if you as much as breathe his name” She pointed at me, she ran her hands through her hair as she paced around.“I love him and you won’t ruin it” She said staring coldly at meShe had left me standing outside my car for a while, I spoke with Blessing about it and we decided it was best to stay away; I had to move on even though the thoughts of James body ran through my mind sometimes.ALSO READ: Lily and the fine boy at the supermarket [Part 3]Finding a parking space at Wuse market is an unpleasant experience, I finally got a parking space with the help of a poorly dressed man, I tipped him and went to get the foodstuffs on my list. I walked to where I usually buy most of my foodstuffs brushing past people as I did, I spent an over an hour moving from one shop to another with a boy rolling a wheelbarrow carrying my stuff, after I was done buying I headed to my car and started loading the stuffs into the booth of my car when I heard some call out my name“Lily! Omg Lily it’s you” I turned to see someone in a face cap walking towards meHe took off his cap and I smiled at him, he was an old friend from my secondary school Godwin, we very close before we graduated and somehow lost contact, I walked toward him and went in for a hug.“Bobby the bobby” I said excitedly“Na wa o you just went off the grid”“I could say the same about you jorh” He said poking my side“What are you doing in Abuja self” I said pouting“Trying to complete my youth service o” He said“See Otondo” I said laughing“It’s been forever what have you been up to? Mehn! We need to catch up” He said“Asin eh you drove here?” I asked and offered to drop him off when he said no, he lived a bit far from the main town, we drove off with me filling him in excitedly.After about 30 minutes we got to his area and he led me to where he lived, he lived in a compound with a series of small self contain flats, I found a place to park and we walked to his room, it was comfy and I sat on his bed, he dropped the stuff in the kitchen and came back with a can drink on a tray with a tumbler.I smiled at him and he apologised about the heat and said he would turn on the gen, he got it out and asked me to grab the fuel, he took off his shirt and tried to turn on the gen, his muscles flexed whenever he pulled the rope, I didn’t realise I was staring, he pulled a couple of times before it came on.ALSO READ: Lily and the fine boy at the supermarket [Part 2]We went inside and he turned on the TV, he was sweating and made his body deliciously wonderful, he aged right, back in secondary school we were just great buddies, we just didn’t have any connection but now his body was making me horny. We talked some more with him sitting beside me.“This one you are just showing off, looks like you hit the gym” I said playfully touching his biceps“Jealousy! You too show off na” He said and tugged my shirt slightlyI took off my shirt looking at him seeing the surprise in his eyes; he didn’t expect me to really do it, the surprise soon turned into something else as he stared the swell of my boobs in my slightly transparent blue bra“Lils you er you er” he stammered“What? Cat caught your tongue” I said laughingWe stared at each other for a few silent seconds and soon our lips were crushing on each other feverishly, he reached down and squeezed my boobs, I pushed my tongue into his mouth swirling my tongue with his tongue, we kissed and touched like horny teenagers, he put his hands into cup of my bra and touched my nipples.I pushed him to the bed and straddled him, I reached behind and unhooked my bra, his hands took each boob and he squeezed, he opened his mouth and I leaned in putting one boob into his mouth, he sucked hard and bite on the nipples making me moan, I started to grind on him, I pulled his face up and kissed him, he grabbed my ass and I grinded faster, I sat up and moved faster, he squeezed my boobs hard making me moan softly.I need him in me, I rolled off him and took off my trouser while he did same hurriedly like our clothes were on fire, we turned to face each other naked, a smile on our faces, we kissed with me grinding into his hard dick slowly, he reach behind and squeezed my ass, he held me and rolled over from his side with me, I kissed him with me on top of him, I sat up and turned around in a reverse cowgirl.I guided his dick to my pussy, I sat slowly taking him inch by inch till he was all in, I turned my head back to look at him, I smiled and started to move, I grinded to and fro loving the feel of his dick, he held my waist and made me move faster, he lifted my ass up slightly and I lean in to lie on his chest and he fucked me fast from under. ALSO READ: Lily and the fine boy at the supermarketI grinded to meet his thrust, I brought my hand to my clit and rubbed in circles moaning softly, my juices started to pool slowly drip, our fucking was making a slush sound as his dick kept going in and out.I rubbed my clit faster and moan loudly as I came hard my whole body shaking, he pushed in deeper and filled my pussy with cum, I rolled off him feeling his cum drip outWe laid side by side and I turned to him“That was quite the catch up” he said and we both laughed.

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