Eid-el-Kabir : Merchants create temporary ram markets in Kano

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Ram sellers wishing to take advantage of upcoming Eid-el-Kabir celebrations have flooded Kano metropolis with their animals, newsmen report.

Some of the traders had established temporary markets in most of the areas within the city in desperate bid to attract buyers following expected high demand for rams and other animals to celebrate the Eid-el-Kabir.

Newsmen investigation showed that the animals brought in the city for sale by the merchants include cows, rams and goats,for both wholesale and retail.

Some of the traders, confessed that their action was informed by the expectation of increased demand for the animals and that they establish the markets without permission or approval from any authority.

Malam Sambo Alkali,  one of the sellers,  said “We usually come to the city to sell every year and no authority has ever stopped us.

“Its a temporary business so I think the authorities allow our presence knowing that we will be here for the short period that the celebration would last”.

others expressed the optimism that they would sell as people would need the animals to perform their religious obligations.

Corroborating their colleague, they said the authorities understood their stay to be short, as they would soon vacate the emergent selling points.

The investigation further showed that the temporary markets have been operating day and night since last week and many people no longer have to expend more resources and time, travelling to the villages to purchase the animals.

Malam Usman Lawan,  a customer who spoke with our Correspondent at one of the markets, said that he used to travel as far as Katsina and Niger border to buy the animals every year.

He added however that the emergence of the temporary markets had in the recent, saved him the hassle of such long distance shuttles.

“But when I compared the prices with the ones the traders bring to the city themselves,  I felt there was no need going too far. I haven’t gone to buy for three years now.  I buy here at these small markets.”, he said.

Others who spoke anonymously echoed Lawan’s opinion, saying it made no sense travelling too far when a good alternative existed nearby.


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