DSS preventing lawyers from seeing us – Cameroonian secessionists

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‎By Soni Daniel
Two weeks after their arrest in Abuja, Cameroonian separatists have alleged that they have been denied access to their lawyer and family members.

Director-General of Department of State Service, DSS, Mr Lawal Daura

The group’s Secretary for Communication and IT, Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Chris Anu, issued the alarm in a statement in Abuja.

The group said the Nigerian Government had no right to arrest their comrades since most of them were on refugee status in Nigeria.

The statement noted:“The interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia (the former British Southern Cameroon) notes with dismay the fact that since abducted at gunpoint on January 5, 2018, the President Julius Tabe and 10 other members of his cabinet have not been granted access to any lawyers and family members by the Nigerian Government which we are now aware that in complicity with the Cameroon regime in Yaounde, engineered their abduction.

“We condemn vehemently, the fact that the Nigerian Government, more than a week after the abductions has not as much considered a press statement on the abductions even when the majority of those abducted are duly registered refugees in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is a signatory to international conventions on human rights and to be acting recklessly as it is doing in this case, a breach of those conventions.”

The group said it would ‘target’ any foreign owned company doing business in Cameroon that supports President Paul Biya.

The separatists – Mr. Sikiku Tabe, Prof. Che Awasum, Mr. Nalowa Bih, Dr. Fidelis Che, Dr. Nfor Nfor, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Prof. Che Awasum, Mr Tassang Wilfred, Dr. Ojong Okonghor, Nalowa Bih, Shufai Berinyuh, Eyambe Elias and Dr. Cornelius Kwanga – were arrested at a hotel by the DSS in Abuja on January 5 while holding a meeting.

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