Can a seven- year-old get aroused?

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Recently, I keep catching my daughter masturbating. The problem is she’s only seven years old!
So far, I’ve just made a joke of it, telling her she should do so only in her bedroom as it is a private thing to do.
Have I handled the issue well and is my daughter’s libido going to be uncontrollable in the future?
Jare, by e-mail.

Dear Jare,
You should remember that your daughter doesn’t see what she is doing as a sexual thing. To her it is just a part of her body, which gives her pleasure just like some kids suck their thumb.
What you want to do is distract her with games, stories or treats. Don’t give her the impression that you think what she does, is dirty and wicked as this could affect her later on in life. I’m sure when she finds other interests she’ll forget all about her ‘fiddling’ !

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