Bounce tops apps downloads

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In less than seven months after its launch, Bounce News Application is now rated number one app on the Google Play Store in Nigeria.

The Bounce News App, which was conceived to provide people-oriented news for the Nigerian audience, earned more downloads on Play Store ahead of other interna-tional social media apps.

Commenting on the success story of, General Manager of the news platform, Mr. Goodluck Ikporo, said the rating was another milestone for Bounce as it has become a one-stop online spot for local and international news.

He added that Bounce had enjoyed that level of download because the app is very user-friendly and has both online and offline functionality.

He said: “When you first launch Bounce, you will be given the option to select which interests you prefer to follow. This defines the initial set of content Bounce will show to you.

“Basically, it is your news, your style in your hands, 24/7.”

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