27 years after,veteran actress Mabel Oboh plans to return to Nollywood

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Says Tonto Dikeh, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo are the best in the industry

You may not remember her  name, but you definitely know her face. She hit the limelight in the 80s, producing one of the popular  sitcoms, “Victims” which ran on NTA for years and featuring at a time, Adiela Onyedibia’s adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”. Mabel Oboh isn’t a stranger to the world of make- believe. She was one of the frontline actresses and directors in Nigeria who conquered the screens in the 80s  but disappeared into thin air when the ovation was loudest. The good news is that, the veteran actress is planning to relaunch her acting career after more than 27 years of being off the screen.

Mabel made this known while in  a chat with HVP, during the week.  She said she’s planning  to comeback as a big producer, director and script writer. She also wants to be in front of the camera, doing what she knows how to do best- acting. Her decision to return to the industry is coming at a time, when the organizers  of Ajegunle to the World concert, plans to honour her tomorrow for he immense contribution towards the development of the Ajegunle beat as the concert holds at the Landmark Event Centre, Oniru, Lagos. But explaining why she took a long break from acting,  Mabel who studied Criminologist  at Bucks new University Buckinghamshire said, she needed to stabilize herself financially before returning to the industry. ” I have been off and on in the show business industry. I needed to stabilize myself financially. But now, I am ready to return to what I know how to do best. I am an ardent fan of Nollywood movies. I watch the movies on daily basis and I’d praise  the stars. But  I don’t take it kindly when people criticize our movies,” she said.

Mabel said the starting point for her is to relaunch her Chatroom show on TV, which she rested since the 90s.  “Secondly , she wants to be attending auditions,  may be the directors will discover me again.” I want to explore the sets of modern producers and directors as a starting point. And by the time, I get to know them better and their styles then, we start talking business. For me, acting will be catching my fun, while producing and directing will be my serious business. And presenting programme on TV will bring laughter to my life.”However, going down memory lane, the Esan, Edo State-born actress said, during their time, they were not into acting for the love of money. According to her, her ideas and creativity earned her the respect and recognition of the likes of late Sam Loco, Justus Esiri, Enebeli Elebeuwa. Speaking further, Mabel, however, disagreed with those who are criticizing the Nigerian movies, saying “From the 80s till now, Nollywood practioners have really done very well in the area of production.” She mentioned Kunle Afolayan and Emem Isong as the new face of Nollywood. ‘The new actresses are doing well too. I see people criticize the likes of Tonto Dikeh. I don’t think she’s the picture that people are painting out there. I love her because her private life is nobody’s business. I don’t think it’s right for people to use her private life that they don’t know anything about to tarnish her image. She’ a highly talented actress and one of the actresses that can interprete characters excellently in Nollywood. We also have  Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo. They are good at their crafts.

, at a point Mercy Johnson was typecasted but she later moved away. I have  watched some of her movies where her truly talent was displayed. I am proud of the actresses. I pray that this generation keeps that spirit alive. And it shouldn’t be all about money, ” she counseled




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